Administrative Skills

Certified Executive and Administrative Specialist

This is an onsite intensive and rigorous training program administrated by the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy. The program is sponsored by government agencies partners. It is intended to lift up the social status of lives in hardship, low-income individuals, families, and veterans from the status of insufficient income to the status of sufficient income. The training is free of charges for qualified people.


After successful completion of the administrative skills training program, and successfully passed the required exams administrated by the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy, the trainee will be granted by the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy the Tithe of "Executive and Administrative Specialist." The participant will be issued a diploma that certifies the recipient's professional abilities in the area of Executive and Administrative." 


Having successfully passed the required exams, a participant in the program will be able to perform the following tasks:

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