We provide Emergency, Social, and Legal Services to Victims of Human Trafficking, and Victims of Sexual Assault.

Studies have shown that individuals who have experienced violence and trauma in the past are more vulnerable to future exploitation, as the psychological effect of trauma is often long-lasting and challenging to overcome. Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, war and conflict or social discrimination may be targeted by traffickers, who recognize the vulnerabilities left by these prior abuses. Violence and abuse may be normalized or beliefs of shame or unworthiness lead to future susceptibility to human trafficking. 

Addressing the needs of victims of trafficking and victims of sexual assault require a multidisciplinary approach to address severe trauma and medical needs, immigration and other legal issues, safety concerns, shelter and other basic daily needs, and financial hardship. Most of the services victims of trafficking may need include emergency services, social services, and legal services. To be effective, an organization addressing these needs must have materials means, and know-how capabilities. Orpe Human Rights Advocates has robust infrastructure,  platforms, and expertises in professional areas in which it intervenes.

At its Summit Ministry Center located at 2800 Westchester Avenue, Ellicott City, MD 21043, Orpe Human Rights Advocates provides the following programs:


  • Hotline

  • Crisis Intervention & Counseling

  • Emergency Shelter and Referrals

  • Urgent Medical Care

  • Safety Planning

  • Food and Clothing


  • Case Management

  • Interpretation

  • Housing

  • Job Training

  • Court Accompagnent

  • Employment Assistence

  • Transportation


  • Immigration Status

  • Civil Case Services

  • Witness Protection

  • Family Court Services

  • Legal Representation

  • Vacatur of Conviction

 5457 Twin Knolls Rd, Suite 300; Columbia, MD 21045 

info@orpe.org  |  Tel: 410-588-0818

 Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm,​​ 

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